Various Brain Gymnastics to Reduce Senility

As you age, your brain's performance can decrease. This can make your memory decline, senile, and other cognitive problems. However, this may be slowed down by doing regular brain exercises. According to research, you are more likely to experience a decrease in brain performance in old age if you live a monotonous life and never involve the brain to continue actively thinking. By doing brain exercises, you will continue to invite the brain to think actively and creatively. This is expected to help strengthen the ability of the brain and memory. Activities That Can Be Done As Brain Gymnastics In order for the brain to function properly, the brain must not only be allowed to work passively. Passive conditions tend to decrease brain performance. The key to brain exercise is to get the brain to learn new things and do something that makes the brain think and work actively. Here are some types of brain exercise that you can do: Start the day by reading the newspaper By read
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